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Frankfurt: The Alpha City of Germany

Frankfurt is one of the largest city of Germany, the 5th largest city to be exact. Real name is Frankfurt am Main in German but worldwide it is commonly known as Frankfurt. As of 2010 the total population is 2,300,000 and it is considered the second largest metropolitan region in Germany. The European Central Bank and German Federal Bank are located in Frankfurt. Along with Frankfurt Stock exchange and the Frankfurt Trade Fair, it is considered to be the largest financial center not just in Germany but the entire continental Europe because of these important financial structures.
Travelling using cars in Frankfurt is one of the best experiences that you can do when you are visiting this place. This is because of the world renowned autobahn interchanges that connect not just Germany but the whole Easter Europe. With one of the busiest international airport, the Frankfurt International Airport and Frankfurt Central Station, the largest terminal station in Europe, traveling to and from Frankfurt is quite a relaxing experience. 
Because of the high economic value and spacious and fast travel way of Frankfurt, it has gained numerous recognitions as one of the top cities in the world. It is also dubbed as an alpha world city by many prestigious organization and award bodies because of its high standard of living. But because of this, living in Frankfurt is quite expensive, in fact, Frankfurt is considered Germany’s most expensive city.

Published on  09.06.2012